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Business philosophy: Shuntian, respectful, loyal, honest, patriotic, pioneering and innovative, altruistic management, repaying the society
Corporate Values: Work hard for partners, create greater value for the company, and achieve a better future!
Enterprise mission: to help customers achieve sustainable development and achieve a win-win situation and work hard!
Enterprise talent concept: morality-based people make the best use of their talents
Enterprise management philosophy: standardized management is scientific, innovative management is full-staffed, high standards, high efficiency, and strict implementation of superiors' instructions.
Enterprise innovation concept: system innovation and product innovation are one of the fundamentals of sustainable development of an enterprise.
Enterprise quality concept: Quality is water, enterprise is a boat, water can carry the boat, water can overturn the boat, and quality is the life of an enterprise.
Enterprise service concept: customer first, company second, self third.
Corporate military culture: unity of thinking, unity of goals, unity of action, fully obey the instructions of superiors, and ensure the completion of tasks.
Corporate family culture: a family that loves each other, there is in the pot, only in the bowl, helping each other and having fun.
Corporate school culture: energetic, passionate, with an empty cup mentality, learning is always on the way.
Corporate slogan: Hongjin International, unite and work hard, create miracles together!
Corporate Vision: Strive hard to build a century-old national brand!

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