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China's leather industry has entered a period of adjustment, and the brand has transformed into a new historical task

The economic operation of my country's major leather industries above designated size is showing a trend of "slowly stabilizing and stabilizing but rising", and the export recovery trend is particularly significant. From the data point of view, from January to August 2014, the sales revenue, profit, and export growth rates of my country's major leather industries above designated size were 9.8%, 13.7%, and 10.3%, respectively, except for the slight decline in sales growth, and the increase in profits and exports. The speed has accelerated. Comprehensive analysis of the industry's operating trends in recent years shows that the future development growth rate is expected to continue the current stable trend, and the future can be expected

Leather industry undergoes transformation pains to a green road

Not long ago, reports on illegal sewage discharge by China's Hebei Xinji and Wuji tannery enterprises were exposed by the media. The incident aroused strong repercussions and attracted great attention from all walks of life. The local government has taken decisive measures to require local enterprises to temporarily suspend production and rectify. Subsequently, the media reported on the customs investigation of a leather smuggling case worth about 6 billion yuan. The international community is extremely concerned about the impact of the above two incidents on China's leather industry. Therefore, the reporter interviewed Su Chaoying, Chairman of the China Leather Association. He gave a key introduction on the above two incidents and the impact on the industry, and analyzed the leather industry in 2014. The economic operation in the first half of the year, and the development trend of the second half of the year were predicted, and the future development of the leather industry was also prospected.
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